About Us

That would be Charlie Escher, mostly. I started working with electronic widgets at age 7 and never stopped. By now I can usually even manage to get all the parts back into whatever I've taken apart. Over the years I've worked for quite a few top level companies and musicians who you've probably heard of. I've worked factory jobs, mostly as a bench tech, done corporate and institutional field service, as well as installs and system design for schools, churches, restaurants and nightclubs.

I was also a warranty service provider for a wide variety of musical instrument electronics and hi-fi maufacturers, and did many years mixing club shows and running open mics, and then just as many years as a gigging bassist, and sometimes also as a guitarist and vocalist. Outside of music, I did a 5 year stint in fisheries research using state of the art hyroacoustic tools, and also used to run and work on timing equipment for ski racing and windsurfing speed sailing events.

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